14 pages about Margate, UK reporting good spots with @lavinia_cernau


Getting off the train in Margate, the beach awaits with rosy-cheeked girls out in bikinis and miniskirts, despite the thermometer reading of 12 degrees. Welcome to the English coast. The smell of fish and chips mixes with the salty scent of the sea but disappears as soon as you plunge into the narrow winding streets of the old town. Shane Meadows depicted an England that stands up for its battles in This is England, here it's the same, left, right and centre, gleaming Nissan Figaros all over town, Victorian buildings with or without brick and no big logos. Margate has the sea and the South-East's rocky chalk cliffs but with a difference. This mini-paradise also boasts a range of hip understated locations. Springtime is all about plunging into the glacial water, oysters on the harbour steps, and shopping sprees amongst the vintage gems and local designers.