Evane Haziza-Bonnamour is a travel & lifestyle journalist, based in Paris, travelling worldwide.

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Co-editor in chief of Merci pour L'Adresse

Used to travel every month for different magazines or personally:   

Europe, USA, Asia or North Africa. 



Based in Paris, I also write portraits, I chronicle new Parisian and french addresses. 

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Set design and product pages for brands or magazines. 

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A complete city guide for Merci Pour l'Adresse, with @dezjeff 


Chicago has been out of favour for many years, but more to the point, it's just not that well known.

The famous names it conjures up - Al Capone, Frank Nitty or John Dilliger – have an unsettling, even disturbing charm, they're exciting but these days nothing more than myth. A John Lee Hooker or Muddy Waters Blues soundtrack that lingers in the city's jazz clubs. 

Chicago has been an architects' playground since the great fire of 1871 which ravaged the city and its buildings. The first skyscrapers were drawn up by Mies Van der Rohe, Frank Lyod Wright, Louis Sullivan and Daniel Brunham.  

It's not worth having your hair set here, the Windy City lives up to its moniker, blowing night and day along the avenues. It's a fresh wind and a decadent rhythm that blows across the States: the city is more arty than Brooklyn, has more culture than San Fran and more going on architecturally than anywhere. 

Take the time to see and try everything: the banks of Lake Michigan, the Art Institute, the Loop,  Millennium Park. Don't forget to keep looking up at the skyline or check it out from afar, perched on a hip rooftop, cocktail in hand. Here's a district by district overview of our adventures and unusual encounters.


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14 pages about Margate, UK reporting good spots with @lavinia_cernau


Getting off the train in Margate, the beach awaits with rosy-cheeked girls out in bikinis and miniskirts, despite the thermometer reading of 12 degrees. Welcome to the English coast. The smell of fish and chips mixes with the salty scent of the sea but disappears as soon as you plunge into the narrow winding streets of the old town. Shane Meadows depicted an England that stands up for its battles in This is England, here it's the same, left, right and centre, gleaming Nissan Figaros all over town, Victorian buildings with or without brick and no big logos. Margate has the sea and the South-East's rocky chalk cliffs but with a difference. This mini-paradise also boasts a range of hip understated locations. Springtime is all about plunging into the glacial water, oysters on the harbour steps, and shopping sprees amongst the vintage gems and local designers.



A complete guide of the architectural city, with @hebdomania


Fiefdom of local architects Herzog & de Meuron, Basel is surprisingly large and boasts an incredible heritage.

At every street corner you stumble upon a work of art. In Grossbasel discover the paved streets, the ultra-specialized interiors shops and the historical district with its hidden destinations. I

n Kleinbasel, strut your stuff at one of the new spots for seeing and being seen. As soon as the warmer days make an appearance, locals from 7 to 77 float down the Rhine in the water from the North to the South of the city and meet on the quaysides for an aperitif, improbable? We tried it, go for it!


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A full report of the new scene of Zurich, Switzerland with @hebdomania


A stunning view over the mountains, a river that is worthy of the Italian lakes, Zurich is teeming with hip, quirky, and somewhat surprising, neighbourhoods.

Suits and ties get together for lunch in converted former factories, the bars sometimes still let you smoke, the old red light district accommodates the the coolest spots and boosts the wide deserted streets.

In the evening you'll see hipsters enjoying the most sophisticated places in town, as if the clothes don't really make the man.


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Correspondant for Plume voyage in Copenhagen

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Correspondant for Plume voyage in Brooklyn